Why No Cave Locations/Directions?

The locations of all caves that are referred to on this site are purposely given very vague locations.

Forgotten Cave

Caves can take many tens of thousands of years to form but can be destroyed by thoughtless or vandalistic acts in an afternoon. Caves do not form rapidly and may take five to ten times current recorded human history to regenerate reasonably, assuming they are left untouched by humans for many thousands of years.

We're sorry about the need to be difficult about cave locations. I know that most people try to do the right thing, but caves are a special case as they are not only very sensitive to damage, but they also take many thousands of years to regenerate, and only if the conditions are right for such regeneration. Some damaged caves will probably never completely regenerate. Further, that very small percentage of idiots that go out of their way to damage our natural heritage have already caused a great deal of damage to caves whose locations have been made readily known via the Internet and other sources.

While we do believe that caves are for all, it doesn't mean that people should be allowed to visit them without any knowledge of cave safety or ethics. That's why the general public isn't allowed to run rampant over Yellowstone thermal areas. It's no different with caves. If you want to visit wild caves, consider joining the National Speleological Society and visiting one of the local NSS clubs (called Grottos). It's not about keeping the caves to ourselves. It's about making the caves available to those who accept the stewardship of them. Enjoy them, protect them, and cave safely.

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-- Wayne Harrison NSS 18689
-- Margaret Harrison NSS 52522